Release stress by visiting High school [27 February 2016] | SSSyahroonix

Release stress by visiting High school [27 February 2016]

Release stress by visiting High school [27 February 2016]

Release stress by visiting my High school [27 February 2016]
Hi guys, back with me again in my diaries article. This time I want to tell you about my useless experience that I got today (02-27-2016). So, I hope you enjoying it and you didn't turn off your PC.

But, before I started, firstly I want to explain something. The thing that I want to explain is about the reason why I started to write off my article using English.

The reason why I decided to start writing my article using English is, because I want to habituate my English. We all already know that English is an important thing that is needed by all the people around the world especially for them who do their business in global scale. In the other hand, I want to increase my skill because I'm an English Department student. I think it is ridiculous for an English Department student for having a bad English skill.

Based on those reasons, I decided to try to write my article using English even I knew that my English isn't good enough yet. So, if there are grammatical mistake I made in this post, I hope you want to tell me on which part?

Ok, that are the reasons that I can explain to you about "Why i started using English on my article?" And now, let's start to the main things in this article, that is about the schedule of my life.

5.00 AM
I got up of my bed. Then I went to the toilet to do what I loved to do in the morning. Did you know what I loved to do in the morning at the toilet? No, it is not like what you imagine. I just washed my face, take a bath, brush my teeth and have a wudhu. After that, I prepared myself to have Subuh prayer.

6.00 AM
I have my breakfast while I'm watching television. If I am not mistake, it was cartoon that I watched.

7.00 AM
I am going back to my room and open my phone to see the latest update on Line. But, there is no important information I got there, so I put back my phone and start to looking for idea "What should I do in my boring holiday?"

8.00 AM
For about an hour I have been looking for an idea, I found nothing. Then I decide to go out and looking for something. I walked around my house, I walked to a field behind my house with a hope I could found something, but the same thing happen. Nothing! There was nothing!

9.00 AM
I remember of something, I have made a promise to my Teacher at my High School, Mam Rini to go to school this day. "What a brilliant idea!" I said to myself. Then I prepared to go to my High School. The reason why I'm back to High School is, because I bring home my junior's pencil and I wanted to give it back.

9.45 AM
I have been ready to go. I take a plate of rice to fill my energy because I don't know what will be happen there.

10.00 AM
I'm going to my High School using my lovely motorcycle. I called this motorcycle as my lovely motorcycle not because it is the best but because It was the only motorcycle I have. LoL

10.20 AM
I arrived at my High School, but nobody is there. I contacted my teacher a.k.a Mam Rini to meet me but she didn't reply my message. I thought she was busy! So I decide to wait for her to ask for information. When I wanted to go to the security office outside the school building, someone was calling me. She is one of my Junior named "Rara". At least, that is how Her friend and I called her!

10.40 AM
Mam Rini came and talked to me about what I need to do this day. She told me that I should train the first grade about Debating while I don't think that I can do that without my partner Mona & Moni. But, because of my bored, I decided to say "Yes!"

11.00 AM
Rara & Indrawan has came and we chose to do the practice at Mushola. We pratice a debate. Seriously, in this moment, actually I want to say that "I can't do this!" because as long as I debating, I always have someone whom became my mouth, that were Mona & Moni. This is one of my weaknesses! I have a lot of idea for being shown, but I can describe it in words/ sentences by speaking. So, usually I asked both of them to tell what my idea is.

12.00 AM
The practice is over because of the Dzuhur prayer's time has come. So, I told them to have a Dzuhur prayer first. But, after the Dzuhur prayer, they decide to go to their class to prepare for the school time. So, we finished the pratice that time.

12.15 AM
I told Mam Rini that the practice has already been over and she only response "Why it is sooo sooon?" and I don't know why but I can't say a word in front of her.

12.20 AM
Mam Rini called me and ask me for an evaluation from the last practice we've done. After that, she asked me to come again next week to train the first grade, again!

13.00 AM
I was at home and I started to write this article for you!

That is a short experience that I can share with you today. I hope you didn't get bored to read my life story! I also hope there is something you can found that is useful for your self. I'm sorry for all the mistake in this article. See you in another daily notes of my life. Thanks for reading!
Live your life as best as you can because you will only live once. - SSSyahoonix

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